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ER Checker operates a platform to provide you with wait times of emergency departments using crowdsourcing hence giving you the most real-time updated
information.By setting up an account with us or using and accessing the service, you agree to the Terms of Service listed below. If you do not agree with
Terms of Service,please do not browse or otherwise access or use the service. Your privacy is important to us; we do not share or sell your data to anyone.

Terms of Service

Our service provides information about wait times in emergency departments. The information we provide is for information only, it is not advice of where to seek
treatment or reveal information of what services are provided at the facility. You are responsible for deciding where and when to seek medical advice. The content
provided is not meant to be a substitute normal methods of obtaining health care services or treatments. This site uses crowdsourcing to provide with data and some
information may be or become outdated. ER Checker is part of Medical Chatbot LLC, and our team is not responsible for any errors, omissions, or inappropriate use of
this site. Our content was developed by an Emergency Medicine physician and is provided free of charge.